Crown N Glory Vol 1- Coloring book

Crown N Glory- hair, hats and headwraps. A coloring book for adults, young women and girls.

Designed by artist Anika Sabree, the Crown N Glory coloring book has 20 pages of original artwork that celebrates how we honor and celebrate our crowns!

From fabulous afros and locs to regal headwraps, beautiful khimars and fly hats, we do it with style and that was something i wanted to reflect in this coloring book. We are beautiful and powerful and we must see ourselves as such. Each page is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and #BEDISTINCT!

Each page has been embellished with patterns and intricate design elements so there are lots of things for you to color. You will find Adinkra symbols, Egyptian motifs, floral elements, Caribbean flora and even a skyscraper or two! Women, young ladies and even little girls will enjoy coloring in this book.
I had a great time doing these illustrations and I hope that it gives you joy as well. Happy Coloring.

• 8.5 x 11 sized pages
• 20 pages of original artwork
• Professionally printed on thick paper, great for coloring - colored pencils are recommended

** please post any instagram or photos along with the hashtag #coloryourcrown- I am so excited to see all the beautiful masterpieces!