Covid-19 Shipping Update

Everything has been affected as a result of Covid-19, especially shipping.  Our postal service has not only been backed up, but also overwhelmed with all the shipping needs of our nation.

 As a result, shipping and delivery times have been extended. so you may receive your order outside of the normal timeframe.  Additionally the processing and shipping time for t-shirts is now 2 weeks.

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From Logos and Branding , Book covers, banners and even personal illustrations, DESIGN IS WHAT I DO!

What we do

I have worked and collaborated with some awesome people over the years. Here are some of the nice things they've had to say!

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Do you know about is the biggest online portal of black owned businesses on the web. Check it out because there are so many different products and even services on there. Im sure if you're looking for it, its somewhere on the site. I am also a vendor on there so  you can get some of my products on there as well so click the link below to visit my store.

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